About Us

Following the economic crisis of 2008, there was significant consolidation in the banking sector. As banks began managing the assets of newly acquired institutions, the focus was almost always on the real estate. Very few, if any institutions, focused on the judgments that were part of the acquired banks portfolio. Even more than a decade later, most institutions are aware of only a fraction of the judgments actually held in their name or in the name of an acquired institution. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness is resulting in millions of dollars of judgments expiring annually!

In 2010, recognizing an opportunity to help banks and other financial institutions identify and manage their judgment portfolio, a team of attorneys, accountants and information professionals formed Guaranty Solutions, LLC. With over 70 years combined experience, we developed a unique world class judgment identification and management system which enables us to identify an institution’s full portfolio of judgments, including those held in the name of an acquired institution. Once the judgments are identified we excel in underwriting the debtors to determine their ability to satisfy the judgment. Armed with this information our team of highly skilled debt counselors work with debtors to achieve a successful satisfaction of the judgment.

Whether a client chooses to:

Have their judgment portfolio managed by Guaranty Solutions
License the Guaranty Solutions Judgment Management System to manage their own portfolio
Sell their judgment portfolio to Guaranty Solutions at prevailing market rates

It is easy to see that we truly … Turn your write offs into revenue!