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Identifying Your Portfolio

Due to a variety of factors including mergers and acquisitions, inadequate internal tracking systems, etc. most institutions have a very limited understanding of the size or value of their judgment portfolio. Once the write-off has taken place, it is common that many judgments simply fall through the cracks.

Guaranty Solutions will begin the management of your portfolio by first ensuring we have all of the judgments obtained in the name of your institution as well as those judgments which may have been obtained in the name of other institutions you may have acquired over the past 20 years. To accomplish this, we perform complex searches through the myriad of public records online. If we determine that there may be a high concentration of judgments in specific court system where online recording may be limited or non-existent, we go directly to the court records to obtain copies of the judgments.

Experience has shown that our location efforts have frequently found millions of dollars of additional judgments that were previously unknown to our clients.

More judgments mean greater potential revenues from collection!
"Guaranty Solutions doubled the size of our portfolio by finding judgments we didn’t know we had"