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Protecting Your Judgment Claim

Your judgments are a wasting asset. If not renewed, they will expire anywhere between 5 and 20 years after they were issued, depending on the state where they were initially filed.

Even when an institution is aware of a judgment, they frequently rely almost entirely on the tickler system of the law firm used to obtain the original judgment to notify them of expiring judgments. This approach is far from comprehensive frequently resulting in expired judgments and lost revenue. The problem is compounded when you acquire the assets of another institution.

The Guaranty Solutions Judgment Management System is programmed with all of the pertinent expiration details from each state, enabling us to monitor your entire judgment portfolio to help ensure that judgments do not expire, and lien positions are maintained.

You can have confidence that your entire portfolio is being monitored to preserve your claim.
"Before we found Guaranty Solutions we were losing millions of dollars of portfolio value due to expiring judgments"